Ontario is an economically developed city in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California. This area provides residents with fast access to amenities like beaches and major metropolitan centers of activity. The population has grown rapidly over a short amount of time as people relocate to this area to enjoy nature, cultural attractions and warm climate all year long. However, many pests are also attracted to this area for the same reason. Warmth and humidity can create the conditions that allow pests to build nests and infest entire areas where homes and businesses are located. Our services are designed to address this problem at the root, which provides peace of mind for homeowners as well as commercial property owners.

Residential Pest Control

Pest infestations can put the health and well-being of family members in danger. There are many small insects that can enter the home without being noticed. As they die, their corpses can remain in dark places of the building. These remains often attract other critters as they begin to decay and release an odor into the air. Once a pest infestation begins, it can quickly get out of control. Larger pests will be attracted to the same conditions, and they can breed entire colonies out of sight. This may require the help of professional exterminators with the skills and tools to handle the situation.

We offer pest control services for the following issues:

  • General pest identification and removal
  • Termite control
  • Service plans
  • Pest control for uncommon pests

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial enterprises can face serious consequences if a pest infestation is detected on the property. Insects, rodents, spiders and other pests can harm the reputation of your company. Customers expect property managers to quickly eliminate pests from the building, warehouse or store. Failure to respond quickly can harm your reputation in the area of Ontario. Avoid the problems that come from having pests on your commercial property by contacting our courteous professionals at the first sign of an infestation.

Our Commercial pest control includes the following:General building inspections

  • Removal of detected pests
  • Maintenance service plans

Signature Pest & Termite Control

Our company has experience in detecting and eliminating a variety of pests from Ontario homes and businesses. Eliminate pests as quickly as possible by calling our service providers. We can solve your pest problems efficiently and discreetly. We understand the issues that confront business owners who realize that a pest infestation is taking place on the property, and we work hard to resolve the issue rapidly. Homeowners can protect the health of family members by contacting our professionals at the first sign of pests in the home. We offer a free quote on all our pest control services, so call us today.