When the weather begins to become hot and humid, mosquitoes start to swarm. Whether you’re enjoying a summer cookout or simply relaxing on the deck, these blood-sucking parasites can ruin your outdoor experience. Here are a few important facts you should know about mosquito control.

Why Are There Mosquitoes On Your Property?

Mosquitoes are naturally drawn to stagnant water. Even a tiny puddle can allow these insects to breed and multiply. This is why it’s so important to eliminate any standing water on your property. Among the items that can collect water include children’s toys, flower pots, tires, grill covers, and trashcan lids. Mosquitoes are also highly sensitive insects that can instantly detect body heat and carbon dioxide produced by humans. Anyone who is in the vicinity could become a target.

Why You Want to Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property?

No other pest spreads more sickness than mosquitoes. In fact, some scientists consider them to be the deadliest creatures in the world.

While the typical mosquito bite will only cause an itchy blister, there’s always a chance for someone to become ill. You definitely don’t want to put your family and friends at risk. If you happen to be throwing a backyard BBQ or graduation celebration, mosquitoes will be more than happy to crash the party.

Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Off Your Property

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to eliminate sources of stagnant water around the home. It doesn’t take long for mosquitoes to transform a clogged gutter into a new breeding ground. You also need to keep your property tidy, which means getting rid of any yard debris.

If you plan to be outdoors on a muggy evening, consider burning a few citronella torches as an extra preventive measure. Mosquitoes can also get inside your home, so be sure to replace damaged window and door screens.

Our Mosquito Control Treatment

To completely keep away these problematic pests, you’ll need a professional mosquito control treatment. After our licensed technicians treat your yard, expect to quickly notice a decrease in mosquito activity. When spending time outdoors, you and your family will have an added sense of security.

Signature Pest & Termite Control can solve your pest problems. We provide effective solutions for a wide range of different pests, including mosquitoes. Get a free quote on our mosquito control services by contacting us online or giving us a call.