Your commercial property is an important investment, don’t let termites destroy it.

The first step in resolving the termite issue affecting your commercial building, is for us to determine if the property is infected by subterranean termites, or drywood termites. Subterranean termites will burrow up from underground nests to feed on decayed wood, while drywood termites fly and nest in dry structures like furniture and siding. Let us perform a professional termite inspection; we’ll inspect the interior and exterior of the property for shed wings, mud tubes, frass, and anything else that points to one or both of these termites. Following inspection, we’ll design a service plan that caters specifically to your unique situation. Finally, we’ll send out our experienced termite control technicians and skilled wood repair team to eliminate the termites in and around your property, and to repair the wood damage caused by those termites.

For subterranean termites:

Our company can lay out an Exterra Baiting System that will distract subterranean termites away from your property and slowly but surely kill off the colony. We also offer Localized treatments, as well as Full Soil subterranean termite treatments.

For drywood termites:

We offer Fumigation treatment, and Localized treatment for drywood termites. Also, for an organic alternative, we offer Orange Oil treatment, which is a natural and convenient option for treating drywood termites that does not require you to vacate the property

For more information or to schedule a termite inspection for your commercial property contact us at (909) 375-8923.