With a population of 30,000 residents, La Verne is a peaceful midsize town that has an amazing view of the nearby mountains. Those who live here enjoy mild winters and warm, sunny summers and would not trade it for any other place on the planet.

The same things that attract people also attract a variety of harmful pests that could make their way into your property when you least expect it. Signature Pest & Termite Control has your back from start to finish and gets rid of pests in no time. The way we approach the job and meet your needs make you smile, and you will be glad you picked us when you see the difference we make.

Residential Pest Control

If you don’t want pests to get into your home and cause trouble, learn the early warning signs. Detecting pests in the first stages of an infestation is the smart move, allowing you to contain the issue before it gets even more out of hand.

When pests get into your home, they chew your wires, taint your food and spread harmful pathogens. Our team knows how to find and address pests before they have time to spread or inflict additional damage to you or your property. We understand what facing a pest infestation is like and do what it takes to contain the issue without delay.

Commercial Pest Control

You must do everything you can to protect your business and maintain a positive reputation in the community. Letting pests invite themselves inside presents problems that hurt your bottom line and discourage your guests from returning, a situation in which you don’t want to find yourself. Some business owners try handling the issue alone and face even worse problems if they can’t contain it on time.

Let our team come to your home and teach your pests a lesson they won’t soon forget. With your needs at the front of their minds, our team will search each corner of your business and use an approach unique to your needs and long-term goals. Letting us contain your pest infestation puts your worries to rest and safeguards your bottom line.

Getting Started

At Signature Pest & Termite Control, we offer several great services in which you could be interested:

Our general pest control program covers many of the most common pests you could expect to find, such as ants, bedbugs, rodents and more. Our termite program gets rid of termites and stops them from coming back to your property. If you want ongoing protection and peace of mind, our service plans are what you want and need. Pick up your phone and contact Signature Pest & Termite Control today.