Rat infestations can be a hassle to deal with on your own. Right when you think you got rid of the infestations on your own, a mouse pops up again. 

When most people think about rat infestation they get grossed out because rodents spread diseases. Which is true, a rodent infestation can be a huge health risk to your family. What people forget to consider is the amount of damages a rodent infestation causes. 

Rodents chew through anything in their path. Resulting in holes in walls, sheds, furniture, and even electrical wires which is a major fire risk. 

The only way to be sure your home is rodent free is to hire rodent control. Signature Pest Control can help! 

Our Process

Our experts have exterminated hundreds of rodent infestations across California. We first take the time to do a thorough inspection of your home. Looking for potential entry points and damage caused by the rat infestation. 

Once we have identified the source of the infestation we flush them out with only the best rodent exterminator techniques. After we have got rid of the infestation we cover up entry points and place bait traps to ensure rodents don’t come back. 

Signs of a Rodent Infestation 


Rat or mice droppings is a dead giveaway of rodents in your home. Droppings are commonly found near food sources and dark hidden places like under fridges. 

Noises in the Wall

Rats use the roof to get into your home and hide in walls. Typically you don’t hear mice in the walls until late at night when the house is quiet. 


As we mentioned above, rats and mice can cause a ton of damage to your home. If you notice a rat in your home or yard, take a look around your property for damage. 


Rats, although sneaky, leave behind footprints in dust or dirt where they travel. These footprints are hard to see but give you a better idea of how many rodents are in your home. 

Should Your Hire a Rodent Exterminator or DIY?  

It really depends on the extent of the rodent infestation. If it’s only one or two rodents you can probably deal with that on your own with a few store bought traps. Problem is, rodents travel in colonies and multiply rapidly. The longer it takes you to eliminate the infestation, the bigger the problem becomes. 

Only a rodent exterminator will be able to tell the severity of the infestation and be able to act accordingly. DIY methods don’t work that well and can cost more money in the long run compared to hiring a rodent exterminator from the start. 

Get a Rodent Inspection

If you are suffering from a rodent infestation in California, Signature Pest & Termite Control can help! We do an in depth inspection of your home. Eliminating rodents at the source and preventing them from returning. Contact us today to schedule a rodent inspection or get a free quote!