In Covina and across surrounding communities, many residents are struggling with a rodent infestation issue at home. While many rodents are native to the area, the most problematic ones for residents are mice, rats and gophers.

At Signature Pest Control, we offer proven solutions to tackle pest infestations in the local area, and our exterminators are available to start working for you.

A Rodent Infestation in Your Home

You understandably assume that your home is properly sealed from top to bottom, but the reality is that many homes have small crevices and gaps throughout the exterior where pests can enter. In fact, these critters can squeeze through tiny holes that you may not be aware of to take up residence in your home. If you are dealing with rodent issues, you may notice several potential signs.

For example, some people see physical signs of damage, such as droppings or entry holes. Others may hear the rodents scurrying through the walls. Scratching and gnawing sounds are also common.

Why Rodent Control Is Needed Immediately

If you believe that you have a pest issue in your home, your next step should be to schedule rodent control service. Rodents can be a serious nuisance. They can cause property damage that may go undetected until it is severe. Because rodents often chew on wires, there is an increased risk of a house fire.

Their droppings are filled with illness-causing bacteria, so their presence is a health risk as well. Regardless of the types of critters that have invaded your Covina home, your next step should be to schedule rodent control treatment with Signature Pest Control.

Our Rodent Control Treatment

We take several steps to properly address this critical problem for our valued customers. First, we complete an inspection so that we know what types of rodents have infested the space. Then, we utilize proven techniques to drive the rodents out of the home.

Before we conclude the rodent control service, we identify all entry points. Through effective strategies to cover these entry points, we deter a re-infestation.

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