Gophers can cause significant damage to your crops and your lawn in the Inland Empire area. If you have a gopher problem, it is important for you to identify what type of gopher that you have and then to use an appropriate method to eliminate the issue. The experts at Signature Pest Control can help to identify the gopher species that is wreaking havoc in your lawn or fields. We use a gopher fogger to rid your property of gophers because it is more effective than baiting gophers. Here is some information about two of the common types of gophers that are found in northern California.

Northern pocket gophers

Small rodents, northern pocket gophers are sometimes mistaken for moles or rats. They burrow into the ground and form extensive tunnel systems a few inches under the topsoil. Normally, each tunnel will support one gopher. This species prefers grassland environments, and they tend to attack larger vegetation such as crops more than they do lawns or gardens. Because they like to eat the roots of the plants, these gophers can kill your crops. By treating these gophers with our gopher fogger, we can eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand. The fogger that we use is safe for humans and pets.

Western pocket gophers

Another common gopher species in northern California and the northwestern portion of the U.S., the western pocket gopher is now protected and is threatened because of its loss of its habitat. Because it is a protected species, it is important that you do not try to remove it without getting the help of a professional.

The western pocket gopher feeds on tuber, roots, woody plants, forbs and grasses. Like other pocket gophers, this species burrows underground, forming extensive tunnel networks. Because they like eating grasses, they are more likely to cause damage to your lawn than are the northern pocket gophers. 

Like other types of rodents, gophers can reproduce rapidly. This means that what might start as a small problem can quickly balloon out of control. It is important that you act quickly when you see evidence of gophers in your fields or on your property.

The professionals at Signature Termite & Pest Control can help to identify the particular gopher species with which you are dealing. They can then advise you of the most appropriate treatment plan to rid your property of these pests. The methods that we use are highly effective and safe for you, your family and your pets. With our help, you can maintain the pristine condition of your lawn and the health and vitality of your crops.

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Eradicate Gophers 

Gophers burrow under ground are different then moles or other burrowing rodents. They can make 1 to 3 mounds daily and destroy your lawn and beauty of our property, this is reason behind the fact of why you want Signature Pest Control to eradicate gophers immediately in your yard.

Our Gopher treatment is typically done by our Gofog off treatment, a carbon Monoxide treatment followed by a baiting service program to eradicate gophers from your yard. Signature Pest Control Is a structural and Agricultural licensed pest control company, this license as required by California state Law.

Gopher Destruction 

Gophers consume plants, tree roots, flowers, vegetation and vegetables in your yard. You can say if it’s a plant they will most likely consume and destroy it. Most of the damage is commonly to new plants because they are young unestablished and it doesn’t take much effort for gophers to destroy or eat it. Grass is also highly effected by gophers with destruction from both the eating of the turf and the dirt pushed on top and sitting on the grass which smothers it and burrowing.

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