There are more than 240,000 different species of flies in the world. Approximately one third of them, can be found in the United States.


These are the types of fly infestations you will most likely encounter: Face fly, Fungus Gnat, Phorid fly, Crane fly, Flesh fly, House fly, Blow fly, Bottle fly, Fruit fly, Moth fly, and the Cluster fly.

Size & Color

Flies range from as small as 1/10” to as large as 4” in length, depending on the species. Cockroach colors can vary from yellow, light brown, chestnut brown, reddish brown, and dark mahogany brown.

Controlling Methods & Tips

Many flies hardly require product control. Here are some general tips and guidelines to prevent and mitigate your fly problem.

  1. Make sure all trash is away from the structure and in trash cans and plastic bags. Having trash in the bags help reduces odors that attract this pest.
  2. Keep all trash bins as far from the building as the city will permit, on your property of course. This will keep your structure with less attraction of this pest from entering your home.
  3. sure all doors and windows are closed unless they are equipped with proper screens.
  4. Have doors and windows tightly weather stripped so they cannot squeeze through any openings.
  5. When found indoors the fly can be killed or captured and released on the exterior. For attracting less of this pest to a structure, utilize yellow bug light bulbs or vapor bulbs.


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