Why Bees Are Important: The Big Picture

What Do Bees Do?

Bees are pollinators, able to transfer pollen between plant parts resulting in plant fertilization. Once a plant is fertilized, it’s able to produce fruit, seed, or both. That means many of the delicious fruits and nuts you enjoy eating, like apples, and almonds for example, were most likely produced only after a bee, or some other pollinator effectively performed its role in plant fertilization. Plus, bees are able to produce honey using the nectar they draw from flowering plants, which we can then harvest and eat. Thus, like other pollinators, bees are extremely important for stable food supply across the globe.

Why Are Bees so Important?

Each type of bee, of the thousands of different species across the globe, is capable of utilizing its anatomy in special ways. Naturally, different types of bees specialize in pollinating specific plants. Without these specialist bees, agricultural operations would be greatly compromised, and as a result, food supply will take a major hit. Now here’s the big picture, a decreased supply of food would end up driving food costs up, and could ultimately have detrimental effects on society, like increased levels of poverty, food-related illness, and starvation. Bottom line, we need bees.

What to Do If You Encounter Bees?

So if you comes across a bee in your backyard, or perhaps outside while walking, jogging, or hiking, don’t panic. And think twice before attempting to swat at it – we need them! But, definitely be cautious. As much as we need them for our environment, bees can and will sting if and when they feel threatened. The best thing to do is try to avoid disturbing them, and they’ll likely avoid disturbing you. Further, many people don’t know they are allergic to bee stings until they get stung for the first time and have an allergic reaction! This is why it is extremely important for you to contact Signature Pest Control if you happen to notice a beehive on or near your property. The experts at Signature can safely and appropriately remove the beehive, so that you don’t have to risk getting stung. Other than that situation, if you encounter a bee or two while out enjoying nature, then just smile, think about your favorite fruit, and let it be.