The Alternative to Fumigating Your House for Termites

Having termites in your home can be devastating. After getting the bad news from your termite inspection, you may be feeling like there is no hope but to tent up your home and fumigate while you are away for several days. This is not only a major inconvenience for you and your family, but the thought of pumping toxins into your home is not attractive to many homeowners.

Fortunately, our professionals at Signature Pest have an alternative to fumigation that can save you from having to tent up. Our treatment for termite control in the Inland Empire involve services where you don’t have to fumigate at all.

Orange Oil Treatment

The Orange Oil Treatment is administered as an injection or an inspection scope for getting rid of termites, wood-boring beetles, and carpenter ants. It can be rough having to deal with these wood-eating pests, and an orange oil treatment can get rid of them quickly and safely.

The full name of the product is XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™, which contains mostly pure d-limonene, an organic product made from orange rinds. Not only does it feel good to use, but it smells great as well! The treatment is pet-friendly and free of toxins or any harmful by-products.

Signature Pest offers Orange Oil Treatment for anyone who is looking to get rid of termites in a safe and healthy way. There is absolutely no tenting involved, and the service can be renewed depending on the customer’s investment plans.

What are the Benefits of Orange Oil Treatment?

An orange oil treatment is a great alternative to traditional tenting and fumigation. Aside from avoiding the hassle of having to tent your home, here are some other important benefits to using this all-natural treatment:

  • It is a low-impact chemical that does not cause toxins or by-products.
  • It provides effective treatment of the home by naturally getting rid of termites or other wood-eating pests.
  • It works great for larger homes, buildings, and structures.
  • It is much more affordable than tenting and is the best option when it comes to treating larger buildings such as apartment complexes or schools.
  • You can request an inspection at any time!

In addition, Signature Pest uses two different types of inspection to confirm if there is an infestation. We use a fiber-optic scope to look inside unexposed areas, to find infestations in areas where there is no exterior damage prevalent. When evidence of a termite colony is seen, the orange oil treatment will be recommended.

How Does XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus Get Rid of Termites?

Orange oil’s active ingredient, D-limonene, is an acidic element that can break down termites and destroy eggs. It has been tested time and time again as an effective treatment that will work to get rid of any wood-infesting creatures. You don’t need to worry about any bugs being left behind!

It’s no secret that termites love to swarm into dry wood, dead wood, and structural wood to build new colonies and breed. They can cause the wood to slowly deteriorate, which threatens the structural integrity of your home. If you notice that there are termites or signs of an infestation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away.

Termite Control in the Inland Empire

You can save over half of what you would spend on traditional fumigation by opting for this natural, pet-friendly, and non-invasive orange oil treatment. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is a powerful yet natural product that can wipe out infestations and leave your home smelling great in the process! If you’re interested in finding out more about termite control in the Inland Empire, you can contact Signature Pest or give us a call at (909) 375-8923. Don’t wait until it’s too late!