Bed bugs in San Diego have largely been thought of as being a problem of the past. Unfortunately, we are now experiencing a widespread recurrence. The experts at Signature Pest Control can help to identify the bed bugs that are wreaking havoc on you and your property.

The common bed bug is a bloodsucking nocturnal parasite of man. They do attack others if man is not available for example chickens, bats, and some domestic animals. The bed bug feeds by piercing the host with hollow tubes coming from the maxilla (upper jaw). Saliva is injected when feeding and is associated with local and sometimes widespread hives (skin rash). This pest has become less important over the last half century with general improvements in household and personal cleanliness.

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Size & Color

Bed bugs in San Diego are typically 1/4” in length. Bed bug colors can vary from a reddish brown to a rust-like hue.


These parasites are known for feeding on blood and crawling into beds during the night while their victims or host are fast sleeping. Bed bug bites are painless and many bed bugs can feed for quite a long time on many areas of the exposed skin. The result of the wound may show minor swelling into a small red bump followed by itching and irritation.

The good news is that bed bugs have not been known to carry or transmit any human disease, but just the presence of blood-feeding pests and especially in your personal space as your bed. Bed bug eggs are deposited in small cracks and crevices in the mattresses, bed frames, drawers, headboards, trim, baseboards, and in furniture near the bed. The nymphs and adults live near one another hiding in such areas of cracks and crevices waiting night when they might venture out to feed.


Bed bugs commonly have not been seen in single-family dwellings, but have become common in motels, hotels, and apartment buildings, like the ones we have in San Diego. Usually, an infestation begins in motel/hotel rooms or apartments and then continues to spread to surrounding structures, neighboring units, or transported from location to location. Bed bugs spend the day times resting in cracks or voids of furniture, beddings, box springs and/or walls.

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Controlling Methods & Tips

Identification of bed bugs is very important and in the fact the close relatives and resemblance of bat bugs and swallow bugs are easily confused with the bed bug. Improper identification will lead to improper, unsafe and unsuccessful control efforts. They can be very difficult to eliminate and/or control, therefore an inspection with an experienced pest control professional is recommended.

Successful control depends on finding every crack or void the insect is harboring, removal of the bugs by vacuuming or treatment of the harborage areas with an appropriate registered product. Overlooking even the smallest crack in furniture may lead to a persistent infestation, therefore beds, nightstands, headboards; box springs and related furniture often require disassembly and careful inspection.

Carpets may need to be gently lifted along the edge of the baseboard and the space beneath treated. Baseboards, door and window frames, and any visible crack will require treatment in infested rooms. You should not move furniture from one room to another; it should be inspected and cleaned or treated as necessary to prevent the spread or re-infestation of bed bugs to the new room