Blood feeding arthropods such as fleas are of great concern to the public because of their annoying and often painful bites.

Size & Color

Fleas are typically 1/6” in length. Flea colors can vary from light brown, reddish brown, and can often appear black to the naked eye.

Controlling Methods & Tips

Controlling flea infestations successfully requires five simple and effective steps;

  1. Preparation for the service treatment.
  2. Treatment of the pets and pet beddings.
  3. Treatment of the interior structure carpet areas, furnishings etc.
  4. Treatment of the exterior for flea activity.
  5. Removing all pets and people until the product is dry.

One critical part to minimizing flea infestations on a regular basis is grooming- which helps to control fleas before the large infestation. This is an important reason why customers need to maintain, groom and treat with flea control products. Having many fleas as you know can make the process longer and harder to control. The proper treatments and home preparations can make the process more effective by following these steps:

A. Make sure to remove all items, such as toys, clothes, pet food, shoes, etc. from the floors.

B. Have all the items from under beds and in the closet floors removed.

C. Remove all animal beddings and wash or replace them.

D. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum all carpeted areas including rugs, beneath beds and furniture.

E. Wash all wood, tile, and linoleum floors by sweeping and mopping.

F. Wash concrete flooring with a detergent in the garage, basement and out door, indoor patios where pets rest or stay.

G. Remove all pets including not to exclude birds and reptiles, make sure fish tanks are covered with a damp towel and the pump turned off.

H. Replace and/or wash all pet bedding outdoors and clear all shaded areas of leaves, debris etc. not to exclude crawl spaces, etc.

I. Have an arrangement for your animals to be rid of fleas professionally during the treatment and prepare to leave the home for several hours for the material to dry.

Infestations of fleas should be treated with a residual treatment combined with an insect growth regulator. Professionals can best accomplish treatments by using specialized equipment and materials.


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