What is the Most Common Time of Year for Various Pests?

As the seasons shift throughout the year, the types of pests we see around our homes differentiate. While there are various strategies to keep them at bay, the same pests you saw in your home last year can potentially return again this year, and next year if you are not prepared.

Many homeowners aren’t aware of the various pests that show up during certain seasons of the year. For example, if a homeowner does not know what kind of pests show up in summertime, their prevention measures may not be sufficient enough to avoid a pest infestation from occurring in their home.

In order to help you stay as prepared as possible, Signature Pest Control has put together a guide explaining which pests show up during specific seasons. Bookmark this article and use the information provided as a reference tool on a yearly basis to best prepare for the times ahead. By staying aware and prepared you can keep pests away before they cause a nuisance in your home!

Pests During Winter

While a lot of bugs may be dead or in hibernation during cold, winter months, there are plenty of other annoying creatures to be aware of. Here’s a timeline of what you’ll see while you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s:

● In December, make sure you sleep tight, but don’t let the bed bugs bite! This is the most common time of year for these nasty parasites.

● In January, you can expect to see mice and rats roaming around your yard.

● Once February rolls in, you may be visited by an increased amount of cockroaches .

Pests During Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of growth, and fertility for much of nature. Unfortunately, pests love to join the party. While it is lovely to imagine all of the baby rabbits and birds you’ll see flitting about, you also may be visited by the following unsightly organisms:

● March is the biggest time of the year for termites, ants, and once again… cockroaches (these incessant creatures can be found year round) .

● April is the height of the spring season, and this means carpenter ants, sugar ants, and even more cockroaches will try to pay your home a visit.

● Everyone knows that April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, with those blooming flowers come bees,

ticks, and fleas – watch your pets closely during this time of year!

Pests During Summer

The summer season can be a fun time filled with beach trips, and pool parties, and of course, plenty of bugs! Summer is a favorite season for many pests, which means you should be extra alert about all of the insects trying to get at your garden, or into your home. Watch out for the following pests:

● In June, you will continue to see all of the ticks and fleas that you saw in May.

● July brings June beetles (Why are they not called July Beetles? #ponderthat), mosquitoes, wasps, crickets, and more beetles.

● August typically gets humid outside, creating a warm, moist environment that welcomes mosquitoes, wasps, spiders, crickets, crane flies, and much more.

Pests During Fall

People usually look forward to autumn, when the leaves begin to fall and the temperature starts to cool down. While this is a pretty, color changing season, be aware, there are certain types of pests that love to come out this time of year. Be sure to watch out for the following pests during fall time:

● September is a popular travel time, meaning there is an increased risk of bed bugs . You will also see a lot

of spiders, house centipedes, and mosquitoes.

● October can be a fun, spooky time of year, with the potential of bringing in house centipedes and spiders

to your home. Let’s keep the Halloween spider props, just props.

● November is much calmer than most months, but you still might see some millipedes and flies.

Stay Prepared for Pests All Year Long!

Now that you have a better idea of the types of bugs and creatures you can expect to see around your home or property during certain seasons, you can develop better pest prevention strategies. The best strategy? Signing up for a monthly or an annual service plan with Signature Pest Control.

At Signature Pest Control, we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with all types of pests. We have over 20 years of experience leading the pest control industry. Our knowledge and expertise, combined with our commitment to excellence, and superior customer service makes us the ideal choice for your property’s pest control needs. Take a look at our many pest control services. Feel free to contact us online at or give us a call at (909) 375-8923. We look forward to helping you keep your property pest free all year long!

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