Cockroaches: When You See One, You May Have Hundreds

Cockroaches are one of the most, if not the most, common pests across the country, but also one of the most widely loathed. While the vast majority of renters and homeowners already see at least one cockroach in their home once in their life, cockroaches in Los Angeles are becoming even more common in California homes. Local drought conditions have made outdoor water sources sparse, sending cockroaches and other pests inside to find the hydration they need to survive and reproduce. Unfortunately, they aren’t very picky and may become problems in almost any place containing food, making getting rid of cockroaches easier said than done. Before you call your Los Angeles pest control service, take a moment to educate yourself on how these irritating insects may come to find themselves in your home.

Problems Associated with Cockroaches

In addition to being just plain creepy and leaving a mess behind in the form of their droppings, cockroaches can also cause a variety of serious problems. For one, cockroaches can be an irritant, provoking allergic reactions and asthma complications. Cockroaches are known to carry disease-causing organisms including salmonella saprophyticus (spp.), shigella spp., staphylococcus spp., streptococcus spp., hepatitis virus, and coliform bacteria. They are believed to spread dysentery and typhoid. As cockroaches travel through homes they can contaminate surfaces and especially foods. They can also destroy fabric and paper, as well as leave stains and odors.

Dealing with a Cockroach Infestation

While cockroaches can appear in all kinds of places, they are more likely to appear and and do so in greater density within places suffering from disrepair or unsanitary conditions. Therefore, the first step in dealing with a cockroach problem, even if you think your home is in excellent shape, is to do a thorough cleaning, paying special attention to places that may not get the attention they need. Clean under and around appliances, to confirm that all parts of your home are in adequate condition. Be sure to clean up new messes as soon as they occur. Next, remove the roaches’ other food and water sources by ensuring that all food is in sealed containers, making trash inaccessible, and picking up, rinsing, and drying pets’ bowls at night. You may even wish to dry sinks and bathtubs after you use them. Provide them with an alternative target by placing traps and bait to start getting rid of cockroaches.

In addition, homeowners should use an insecticide. The most common insecticide for handling roaches is boric acid, applied by sprinkling in places roaches are known to travel. Insecticide sprays are also common. In extreme situations, homeowners may wish to use a gas insecticide (bug bomb). Very few insecticides can be safely used around children and pets, and many aren’t safe for healthy adults to come into contact with, so be sure to read all safety information before purchasing or applying a pesticide. Renters are advised to consult their lease, as in many cases pest control responsibilities fall on the landlord and may be provided at no cost.

It is also important to remember that the roaches have been reproducing, so you will have to continue to fight roaches until the eggs have hatched and the roaches inside have reached maturity. Eggs hatch in one to three months, and roaches can reach maturity in anywhere between eight and 31 weeks, so you may be in for the long haul.

Professional Help for a Cockroach Infestation

Like most pest infestations, cockroach infestations can be handled in a do-it-yourself manner, but are best tackled by a professional pest control company, especially for particularly severe cases. This is because professionals have the expertise and experience to customize a thorough and effective treatment and prevention plan based on the cockroach species, the size of the infestation, and the needs of your family and pets.

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