Can Bed Bugs Survive the Wash?

The old saying, “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”, seems harmless until bed bugs really do bite! Bed bugs are a common problem in many homes because they can be introduced to the house various ways. Some people try to take care of bed bugs themselves, but how resilient are bed bugs? Do you think bed bugs can survive a cycle through the washing machine?

How did I get bed bugs?

First things first: what is a bed bug? They are small, reddish brown, wingless bugs that get their name from commonly being discovered infesting mattresses and bed frames. In actuality, bed bugs reside anywhere that has easily accessible cracks or crevices, such as in the walls or other furniture including beds, couches, and chairs. Bed bug prevention isn’t only about sanitation, they can be brought into the home via purchased furniture, luggage, backpacks, and even purses. If you purchase a piece of furniture already infested with bed bugs, or if you stay at a hotel that has bed bugs, those pests can easily make their way back into your home.

Will the washing machine get rid of the bed bugs?

Because bed bugs can be on your luggage, on your clothes, or on your bedding, you may think that washing these things consistently will do the job. However, bed bugs are resilient, and can survive a cycle through the washing machine if the water is not hot enough. So make sure to use a hot water setting, and put infected linen through the dryer with high heat afterwards, that should be enough to eliminate the bed
bugs from the linen you are washing. Bed bugs spread easily, though, so be sure to use a plastic bag and try to avoid contaminating any other areas of the home when you are transporting linen from an infected area to the washing machine. Make sure to dump the contents of the plastic bag directly into the washing machine, then reseal the empty plastic bag, and discard it outside. But keep in mind, washing infected linen, and actually treating and eliminating the bed bug infestation are two different things.

What can I do to get rid of bed bugs?

Unfortunately, many of the home remedies, such as dryer sheets or mothballs, and store bought pesticides are not really effective for
eliminating bed bugs. To avoid wasting your time and money on useless products, contact the professionals at Signature Pest Control to take
care of the bed bugs affecting your property. Signature Pest Control has been the number one choice of the Inland Empire for professional
pest control services since 1999. If you think your property might have a bed bug issue, then don’t let it get any worse, contact the experts at
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