Signature Pest Control offers alternative to Fumigations

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So you have termites? Don’t want to fumigate? Signature Pest Control has the answer.

Orange Oil Treatment

What is an Orange Oil Treatment?

Oranger oil is a inspection scope method and inject method for drywood termite, carpenter ant, and wood-boring beetle treatment. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™ is 95% pure d-limonene, this is the active ingredient in orange oil. It is the least toxic, low impact product derived from orange rinds. Are you listening? Still not impressed? How about Thinking about this: Signature offers a Orange oil treatment that leaves no toxic residues or by-products behind, is renewable each year with a service warranty and is pet-friendly, yes I said pet friendly, landscape-friendly, affordable, and can be used to treat your home without tenting. Yes, I said NO TENTING means you do not have to move out of your home for the treatment! It is an “orange” product that can save you time, money, and hassle. What are YOU waiting for, What’s not to love about this product? Join many of Signature customers that have been treated and under our service warranty.

Fumigation Cost Comparison with Orange Oil (for 3 days)

Cost Factors Fumigation Cost With Tenting (approx.) Cost With Orange Oil
Lodging $1000  $0
Pet Boarding (for 2 pets) $70 $0
Cost To Replace Discarded Food, Medicine, etc. $200 $0
Dining Expenses $240 $0
Lost Wages Due To Preparation ? $0
Average cost of fumigation $1650 $1500
Total Cost $3160 $1500

Other advantages of Orange Oil

  • Hassle-Free.
  • No-tent treatment means you get to avoid the hidden costs and hassle of traditional treatment methods.
  • Low Impact.
  • XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is a least toxic, low impact product that provides effective treatment without the introduction of toxic fumigants into your home or business.
  • Great Option for Larger Structures.
  • Need to treat a condominium complex, apartment building, restaurant, school, or hospital? These can be difficult and costly to treat with other methods like fumigations – use Orange Oil Plus instead!

Ask yourself: Why should I be excited to have an Orange Oil termite treatment over fumigation?

If you’re looking for a tent-free solution to your termite concerns, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus is the treatment you need!

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XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus: for your drywood termite, wood-boring beetle, and carpenter ant treatments.

How do termites get into my home?

In order to establish new colonies, winged reproductive (Alates) will swarm to exposed wood on the exterior of nearby buildings and structures. Drywood termites infest dry, undecayed wood, dead limbs of native trees, utility poles, structural lumber, and much more.

You ask? How do we find the infestation?

Since termites eat from the outside of the house in, we identify damage and infestation on the outer areas of the home. If areas of infestation lead into inaccessible areas such as wall voids or enclosed areas, we will use a scope with a true fiber optic camera on the end to look into those areas. The same evidence seen on the outside will be seen on the inside of inaccessible areas if infected with termites.

Ask yourself, Would you like your largest investment to cost more money to protect, What about protecting your family and not having more expense in preparation and moving out for a fumigation process. Call Signature Pest and Termite Control. Have your home Treated for termites without the hassle, Call us today for your free Termite inspection, What are you waiting for? Call (903) 375-8923

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