Termite Control

termite 100Signature Pest Control offers effective remedies for subterranean and dry-wood termites. Termidor is a lethal solution for both kinds of pests. This product is lethal to termites upon contact, and it can be spread to an entire colony for maximum impact. This is known as a transfer effect, and it can have a 100 percent impact at a 0.06 percent density. It can eliminate both kinds of termites regardless of the terrain around the home or commercial property. This is the most effective solution for eliminating a termite infestation without the need for repeat visits or constant maintenance. 

Subterranean termites are capable of causing irreparable damage to the home. They feed on a variety of materials, including wood, furnishings and insulation between the walls of your home. Insurance companies rarely cover this type of damage, and it can be excessively expensive to do the necessary repairs. Dry-wood termites invade the home using traditional methods. They may enter through cracks in the walls or openings between pipes. Signature Pest Control can correctly identify the specific type of termite that is present in your home. We apply specific solutions based on the breed and species of termite. 

Termite baiting is an effective process that is designed to lure the specific type of termite into a trap. This is a preventative measure, and it can eliminate an infestation before the damage is done to your home. Baiting also allows the professional to trace the termite infestation back to the nest where eggs may already be hatching. Termites that eat the bait will contaminate the colony. This is also a non-chemical option, which many clients prefer. Our professionals perform termite maintenance, which may include adding timber and additional bait. The procedure usually eliminates a termite colony within 12 weeks. 

Termite Treatment Options

We offer the best solutions for treating termites. This includes the subterranean species as well as dry-wood termites. We have several options available, which can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. We always perform a complete examination of the property before applying a method. 

Here are some examples of the options available through Signature Pest Control:

  • Our Quick Fix Method: This involves application of the affected areas in isolation from the rest of the property. It involves foam, injections or dust products. This is appropriate for clients who have a localized infestation. 
  • General Termite Treatment: This technique involves slow-acting termite products that are ingested by termites who will take the substance back to the termite colony. 
  • Termite Barriers: This method lasts approximately eight years. The size of the property is used to calculate the price. The treatment is applied to the perimeter of the property in this case. 
  • Termite Baiting Systems: Baiting systems are similar to barrier systems in the fact that they are applied to the perimeter. However, baiting uses edible substances to complete the trap. 
  • Cheap Treatments: Other options may be available for clients on a limited budget. Ask us for details. 

Signature Pest Control 15Termite Warranty 

The warranty from Signature Pest is designed to provide you with peace of mind. This is an important feature for homeowners who want pest control coverage but are unable to find an insurance policy that will cover damage from termites. Our warranties offer 10 years of coverage with routine inspections that are performed by an accredited Termidor professional. We issue a certificate of warranty after every treatment, so you can rest easy that you are covered by the leader in termite control. This offer includes coverage for damage to the property up to $2 million. Our service professionals can answer any questions you have about the terms, conditions and inspection schedules for this offer. Contact Signature Pest Control for a free pest inspection.